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A Man and His Lawnmower Superior Gardening Service

A Lawnmower and A Dream, 1978

Superior Gardening started from humble beginnings. Michael Chima borrowed his roommate's lawnmower and bungeed it into the back of his silver 1973 Civic. It wasn't much, but for a recent immigrant, it was a chance at a better life.


The Draft, 1991

Years later, as the client list grew, he recruited a kid or two with the promise of a Happy Meal. Summers for the Chima boys smelled like grass clippings, peat moss, and unleaded gasoline.


Next Generation, Today

Over the years, Michael maintained a business that was not just about customers, but about family. In 2015, the business was handed to the next generation. We continue to serve the Seattle community with the same level of expertise, commitment, and passion.


"Superior Gardening is a great family business, and we feel part of it. Thank you" — Ian M


We have operated in the metropolitan Seattle area for 40 years. Our dedicate staff and our superior expertise on plant and landscape maintenance is the reason for our loyal customer base.

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